Huntelaar with transfer to the Premier League?

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Huntelaar with transfer to the Premier League?

A lot of discussions are going on at Schalke 04. The German team fears to lose their top scorer to the Premier League. Apparently, there are talks with Liverpool FC, Arsenal and Chelsea FC. It is a difficult topic for Schalke as Huntelaar’s contract is running out in the summer. However, Schalke doesn’t like the fact that they lose their main striker, but would like to cash in some millions in the January transfer window.

The front runner might be Liverpool, who is looking to find a world class striker to support Luis Suarez at Anfield Road. However, the question is if Liverpool FC has enough money in the bank to afford Huntelaar. Another problem at Anfield is the Liverpool is currently not playing the Champions League and it is unlikely that they qualify for it this season. 

Chelsea FC is likely to look for a replacement for Torres who fails to perform at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea has the money to afford Huntelaar and wins domestic and international titles. However, at Chelsea Huntelaar faces the possibility that he won’t start every game and that’s an issue with his national team ambitions.

The last possibility is Arsenal. Over the last years, Arsene Wenger built his team around quality, young players. He already has 3 Germans in his team, so Huntelaar will have an easy start at Arsenal. However, Wenger’s philosophy to build a strong, young team might hinder that option since Huntelaar is nearly 30. Also, Arsenal has more need to strengthen its team in other positions.

If Schalke fails to advance in the Champions League, it is very likely that Huntelaar will make a quick decision about his future. However, football fans in the UK would be more than happy for Huntelaar to join the Premier League. 

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