FIFA World Cup 2014: How to get World Cup Tickets?

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England v Mexico - International Friendly

Photo: Wembley National Stadium Ltd

The FIFA World Cup in Brazil will be here soon and the World Cup Qualifiers are well on there way already. However, all football fans that plan to attend the World Cup have to get ready to get World Cup tickets. Here is the process to secure your World Cup tickets for Brazil 2014.

Just like in the years before, fans have to register for World Cup tickets and hope that they will be lucky at a random selection draw. However, in phase 1 from August 20th to November 28th, fans will be able to request tickets based on dates and venues or follow a specific team since the exact game plan hasn’t been decided yet.

In the second stage from December 8th to April 1st, fans will know teams, venues and dates and can apply for specific matches. Each stage is divided in a random draw and a first come first serve period.

The last stage will be the Last Minute Sales phase from April 15th up until match day and tickets will be available online and at designated FIFA Venue ticketing centres.

However, here are all important dates:

  • Sales Phase 1: Random Selection Draw from August 20th – October 10th
  • Sales Phase 1: First Come First Serve Period from November 5th – November 28th
  • FIFA World Cup Group Draw on December 6th
  • Sales Phase 2: Random Selection Draw from December 8th – January 30th
  • Sales Phase 2: First Come First Serve Period from February 26th – April 1st
  • Sales Phase 3: Last Minute Sales from April 15th

In stage 1, fans have to apply for World Cup tickets “blind” without knowing the match ups. However, the highest demand will be for the World Cup opening match and the World Cup Final. Fans can order up to 4 tickets for the same category for a maximum of 7 games. As far as the first come first serve period, the last European Championships and the World Cup in South Africa have shown that tickets are almost always sold within seconds. Fans have to be fast and a certain skill is required to have a chance to secure tickets for the opening or World Cup Final.

In stage 2, fans can apply for the individual fan sections since the match-ups have been decided. However, fans can also get option tickets for the final, which are ordered through the national association. This means that, fans will get tickets for their team (e.g. England ) makes it to the final. If not, they will get there money back from FIFA. The advantage of the second stage is that fans know exactly who, when, where there teams will play and can try to get World Cup Brazil tickets for the specific games.

In stage 3, fans have to react quickly and keep checking the websites and ticketing centres. The last World Cup has shown that fans have good chances to still get tickets for good matches if they keep checking and react quickly.

World Cup tickets are priced between $90 and $990. A detailed overview can be found on the FIFA website.

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