Mario Balotelli back to AC Milan?

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Mario Balotelli back to AC Milan?

There is a fine line between genius and madness, especially when your name is Mario Balotelli. Over the years, Balotelli became a controversial figure in the world of football and grabbed everyone’s’ attention as a result of his actions.

The 22 year-old Italian, born to Ghanian parents, has found himself at the centre of some outrageous situations and scandals throughout his career and the list is endless. In April 2011, the striker allegedly gave $1,000 to a homeless person after winning $25,000 in a casino. In the same month he was pulled over for having $25,000 in the passenger seat. His response when asked why it was there was “because I can”. In March 2011, he supposedly threw darts at youth team players because he was “bored” and he has accumulated around $10,000 in parking fines, with his beloved Maserati being impounded a whopping 27 times. Perhaps the most famous incident was when Balotelli let off fireworks in his bathroom, starting a fire and causing the fire brigade to be called. He has also been recently linked to the Mafia. Although he denied some of the rumours in an interview with Manchester City fan and musician Noel Gallagher, it is safe to say that his words can be taken with a pinch of salt.

With regards to football, the craziness surrounding Mario does not cease. In January, he received a four match ban as a result of stomping on Scott Parker’s head in a game against Tottenham and after being sent off against Arsenal in April, receiving another ban, Roberto Mancini hinted that the striker would not be playing for the club again. In a pre-season friendly against LA Galaxy, he missed an open net with an audacious spinning backheel, before promptly being hauled off by his manager, Roberto Mancini. The last straw for Mancini seemed to come in the latest Manchester Derby when Balotelli attempted a backheel which gave away possession. He stormed down the tunnel after being replaced by Carlos Tevez immediately after. Mario Balotelli completed only 43 of 54 games and that not because of injuries. ManCity has to discipline their eccentric star and charged him £340,000 – a two weeks salary for Balotelli. However, Balotelli will now go before a Premier League tribunal to fight a fine imposed on him by Manchester City. Discipline is certainly not one of the strengths of Mario Balotelli.

There are rumours that AC Milan is still interested in Mario. Balotelli came from AC Milan for £24m. He missed last week’s game against Newcastle and Mancini said: “Mario is not in good shape, and that’s why he has stayed at home. Only for that reason!” However, if Mario’s behaviour, as well as his attitude and performances on the pitch, do not improve quickly he may face the axe from Mancini. If this is the case, then football will have seen an incredible talent go to waste.

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